In September, 1976, Zvonko Busic, his American wife, Julienne, and three other Croatians hijacked a TWA plane in New York, and were eventually arrested in Paris, France. 

The only goal of the action was to bring to the world’s attention to assassinations, imprisonment of dissidents, and human rights abuses committed by the former Yugoslav dictatorship against the Croatian people, and their only demand was that leaflets about these violations be published in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and International Herald Tribune.  Although there were no weapons on the plane, an accident connected to the offense occurred back in New York, to their deep regret:  a police officer was killed, and three others were injured. 

Zvonko and Julienne Busic received mandatory life sentences (with parole eligibility recommended by the judge after ten years for Zvonko, and eight years for Julienne) and the three others received thirty year sentences.  All five of Zvonko Busic’s co-defendants were released in 1989.  Only Zvonko remained in prison, until he was released in June, 2009, almost 32 years later, from a high security unit in Terre Haute, Indiana.  

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