Julienne Busic is an author, translator, and essayist who lives in Rovanjska, Croatia.  She has studied in the United  States and Vienna, Austria, and holds a Master’s Degree in German and Linguistics. 
Her short stories, essays, and columns have appeared in numerous journals and newspapers in America and Croatia
(“The Gobshite Quarterly”, “Verbatim: A Language Quarterly”,  “Inside”,  “The Bridge-Most”, “Kolo”, “Aleph”, “Jutarnji List”, “Vjesnik”, “Vijenac” and  “Tema”). 
She has published two books, “Lovers and Madmen”, which won the Croatian Writer’s Society award in 1997 and is now in its seventh Croatian and second English printing, and “Your Blood and Mine” (2008), second edition in Croatian, and due soon for release in English.

Julienne Busic has also translated and edited several Croatian authors for publication in the United States:  “Survival League” by Gordan Nuhanovic, “Zagreb-Exit South” by Edo Popovic, and “American Scream” by Dubravka Oraic Tolic (Ooligan Press, Portland, Oregon).

She is currently working on a book of essays.